Ivy honey benefits

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Ivy honey benefits

Ivy honey is one of the types of single plant honey, bees make ivy honey by visiting ivy flowers and collecting nectar and pollen from these flowers, and storing it in the cells inside the hive.

This plant is also known as PAPITAL in the world.
In the rest of this article, you will get to know more about this honey and its benefits for humans, and we will teach you 1 method of distinguishing real honey from fake honey, we hope this honey will be included in your food basket.

Ivy Honey Health Benefits

Honey is a naturally antimicrobial substance and when it has direct contact with certain bacteria, it destroys them to a great extent and prevents the spread of infection.

Ivy honey also has this general characteristic of honey and is a natural antimicrobial that helps to treat respiratory tract infections, especially cough and influenza, etc. Some scientific sources have addressed the issue that the time of eating ivy honey can be very important. For example, it is recommended to use this honey on an empty stomach to improve digestive diseases.

This honey can be said to be a miracle of nature and bees because it is rich in minerals, sugars, and vitamins and is a unique food supplement for humans.

Due to the presence of sugar content, minerals and nutrients, this honey has good energizing properties for humans and the consumption of this honey can provide the amount of energy needed by a human being.
This honey is very popular in the world because of its medicinal and therapeutic effects, and most of these medicinal properties are related to the herbal origin of this honey.

The ivy honey that SCA offers to the world is free of chemicals and toxic residues, and the reason is that the ivy honey harvesting place is far from the city and industrial areas, and our continuous tests and proper training of the beekeepers.

Ivy honey benefits
Ivy honey benefits1
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Ivy Honey Benefits For Humans

The benefits of ivy honey are many and from the past until today this honey is known as special and therapeutic honey our ancestors used this honey to treat digestive diseases and respiratory tract infections.
SCA’s R&D team has mentioned here some of the Ivy Honey Benefits For Humans.

Cough reliever

The first well-known benefit of ivy honey is its expectorant and cough-relieving properties.

Cough reliever by ivy honey

Natural antiseptic and antibacterial

This honey is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial and it does two important things, first, it prevents the growth of bacteria, and then it reduces the number of bacteria and microbes.
There may be a question as to how this happens, well, in the ingredients of this honey, there is hydrogen peroxide, which is a strong antibacterial, and the non-growth of bacteria is due to the acidic pH of this honey.

Help the immune system

According to the experiments, there is a lot of ivy pollen in ivy honey, and when you consume this honey, it increases the number of white blood cells in the blood due to the properties of ivy pollen, and this increases the immunity of the human body.

caution:Some people may be allergic to ivy pollen, so it is not recommended to use this honey and it must be used with the doctor’s advice.

Useful for the human respiratory system

This honey is better be used raw so that it can help with human respiratory tract infections and for more effectiveness, it is better not to eat anything else for about an hour after consuming this honey.
(The healing properties of this honey are lost when heated)

ivy honey benefits for respiratory system

Sore throat relief

Due to the presence of natural sugars and the type of texture, this honey can create a kind of coating on the human throat and prevents throat irritation and also prevents the spread of infection. In general, based on the research, the benefits of ivy honey and its expectorant properties are related to the ivy plant, and we can see these properties in ivy honey.
Of course, this plant is used alone to make syrups for coughs and colds.

Nutrients and vitamins

One of the most important Ivy honey benefits is the presence of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, etc. vitamins B and C.
Of course, there are other beneficial particles in this honey, such as ivy pollen and a little propolis.

Tonic and energizing

This honey has high nutritional value and good sugar content, so it can be considered a body booster and good energy supplier for humans.
Among the other benefits of this honey, we can mention the prevention of a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Caution: Diabetic people must consult their doctor before consuming honey.

Tonic and energizing whith honey

Improve the function of the digestive system

The natural sugars in ivy honey are food for good bacteria in the human gut and have a probiotic effect.
In general, Ivy honey benefits the digestive system due to the natural sugars in this honey.

Calms the stomach

Another Ivy honey benefits is that it calms the stomach, and this is a general feature of other natural honey of another plant origin.
In general, honey helps to calm the discomfort of the stomach lining and reduce the symptoms of gastritis.

Educational tip

One of the easiest ways to distinguish fake honey from real honey is the price of honey.
The price of fake honey in the world is very small, and even if we think a little, we will realize that these prices that we often see in stores are not economical even for the first link of the supply chain (beekeeper). So, if you are looking for natural ivy honey and the ivy honey benefits or any other single plant honey that is natural and has therapeutic and nutritional benefits for humans, be sure to pay attention to the prices.

Conclusion of the Ivy honey benefits

Like other honey in the world, this honey has unique benefits such as natural disinfectant and antibacterial, helping the immune system, relieving sore throat and cough, tonic and energizing, soothing the stomach, etc.
Of course, this honey is better to be consumed raw to preserve its healing properties and benefit from the ivy honey benefits.
If you are suffering from the mentioned problems, this honey can help you a lot but consult your doctor.

The ivy honey that we talked about is one of the most famous honey in the world that can be consumed daily and is used to treat the diseases that we mentioned above, but the Iranian ivy honey that SCA offers you is very different and delicious. Taste If you wish, you can read more on the ivy honey page



  • Mary says:

    I tried ivy honey, it has a special taste and not everyone likes it, and you said that Iranian ivy honey has a different taste, is it more delicious?
    How can we buy from you? Are you a wholesale and exporting company or a retailer and online shop?

    • creator says:

      The taste of Iranian ivy honey is very delicious, this is due to the pastures and climate of the harvesting areas.
      This honey is available in a limited amount in Iran and we offer it to customers who place orders as soon as possible.
      We hope that the honey importers of your country are among our customers and that you have used our products in your country.

  • Alex says:

    Hello, thank you for the article you published about ivy honey benefits.
    I came to your site through Google and saw other pages of your site and I had a question.
    Are you a producer and exporter of honey or a honey retailer?

    • creator says:

      Hello, we are honored to be with you
      We are the manufacturer and exporter of bee products to all parts of the world and this website is a database of honey and other bee products.

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