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We are one of the largest presentations of Iranian Jelly Royal Jelly with a history of more than four generations of world trade.
Our Royal Jelly has been exported to five continents around the world, and we are trying to always increase quality with modern knowledge and protect the interests of the consumer.

The Iranian Royal Jelly is one of the most quality royal jelly in the world, and this is not just a claim but a reason. In Iran, there are some rangelands and flowers, and these flowers have high-quality pollen due to the unique water of Iran.
Iran has eleven climates of the thirteen climates of the world, and this is an opportunity for the Growth of various medicinal plants, each of which has medicinal properties. As the bee uses richer pollen, the royal jelly will produce more quality.

The Iranian royal jelly offers the SCA in both freeze and powder.
We do the process of powdering royal jelly with world standards and it does not reduce its quality in the process of powder.


PrincipleNutrient Value/25gUnit
(HDA 10)minimum
ColorWhite to light yellow
TasteSour, astringent and slightly sweet


  • Reduce menopausal symptoms
    • Royal Jelly helps improve urinary function and sexual activity for women aged 50-60, thus improving their quality of life. It also relieves hot flashes and enhances the effects of general sexual stimulation.
  • Balances cholesterol levels
    • While most of us associate sweet and savory food with bad cholesterol, this is not the case with royal jelly! New scientific research has shown that incorporating This unique substance into the diet can significantly reduce “bad” cholesterol, thus helping to prevent cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart attack, as well as atherosclerosis.
  • Blood pressure control
    • Research has shown that some of the proteins in This unique substance can affect a person’s blood pressure. The well-known protein hydrolyzate in This unique substance may affect blood pressure in the long run. This unique substance also contains potassium, which is a vasodilator and reduces cardiovascular stress. When these components are combined, they help prevent a variety of heart diseases.
  • Relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
    • Research shows that taking This unique substance and bee pollen orally for several periods eliminates some of the symptoms of PMS, including swelling, weight gain, and irritability. In fact, This unique substance has a beneficial effect on women’s sexual activity and reduces diseases associated with this syndrome.
  • Improve the immune system
    • This unique substance can boost your body’s natural immune response to foreign viruses and bacteria. The royal jelly’s fatty acids and key proteins can boost antibacterial activity, which may support immune function and reduce infections.
  • Improve brain function
    • This unique substance boosts short-term memory and, while boosting learning, also helps improve nerve function. The antioxidants in This unique substance also play a vital role in improving and preventing neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s. In addition, it enhances cognitive function and eliminates brain damage, especially dead brain cells.
  • Help solve infertility problems
    • Although it is not clear what role This unique substance plays in the treatment of infertility, royal jelly and the steroid hormones in This unique substance may have a positive effect on human fertility. Royalactin is a protein that determines the queen’s morphology and helps her to survive sexually. This unique substance also has the ability to enhance sperm motility and fertility in men. This increases the chances of getting pregnant, increasing sexual pleasure and improving marital relationships.
Carton WeightPackage WeightCount Per Carton
1.2 Kg25 g48
1.2 Kg50 g24
1.2 kg100 g12
3 Kg250 g12