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About single plant honey?

Iran is one of the most important countries in the world in honey production for two reasons:

  • A large number of colonies and a large production volume of natural honey.
  • A very high variety of plants, especially medicinal plants.

In general, there are 13 climates in the world, of which 11 climates are in Iran, and this is the most important reason for the growth of various plants on a large scale in Iran.
We export single plant honeys from Iran to the whole world because Iran has an advantage in honey production.

In Iran, virgin pastures allow our beekeepers to harvest 100%natural honey.
In addition to harvesting natural honey, there are no chemicals on the flowers due to the distance between the pastures and the cities. For this reason, we can harvest and offer first-class honey without any chemicals.

Iran’s single plant honeys have a great variety and we have often provided these honeys in large quantities to offer to the world. In various packages with private labels and whatever you need.

The single plant honey does not always have a constant quality, that is, it can be different every year according to the conditions of the pasture and the plants grown in the pasture, weather, annual rainfall, etc.
Of course, this is the nature of honey, and if it is other than that, one should doubt its naturalness.
SCA strives to provide the highest quality honey according to your needs.

Types of single plant honey

We have prepared a list of the best Iranian honeys below for you, if you need any of the following honeys, we can provide them in different packages with a private label.

Honey Benefits

  • Tonic & Energizing
    • The first property of honey is tonic and energizing due to its richness in various sugars and fast digestion, and the use of honey as a natural and healthy sugar compound is very important in providing carbohydrates to the body cells for metabolism and normal function of all organs.
  • Wound & burn treatment
    • The special property of honey is healing wounds and burns and repairing damaged tissues, which has been mentioned in traditional and modern medicine. The use of honey as a wound healer is the oldest human medicinal version of honey. In modern medicine in recent decades the use of honey in the treatment of wounds and burns and even wound healing has increased due to the healing effect and repair of uncomplicated skin.
  • Anti-cold & Cough
    • Treatment of colds, coughs and sore throats is another confirmed effect of honey in many sources and has been recommended by doctors and even in some countries including New Zealand, Australia and the UK use honey in doctors’ prescriptions to treat colds, sore throats and coughs.Honey is also used directly and indirectly in anti-cough products.
  • Honey & diabetes
    • The use of honey in type I and type II diabetes was associated with significantly lower glycemic index than with glucose or sucrose in normal diabetes. Honey compared with dextrose caused a significantly lower rise in plasma glucose levels in diabetic subjects. It also caused reduction of blood lipids, homocysteine levels and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in normal and hyperlipidemic subjects . In earlier observations, it was found that honey stimulates insulin secretion, decrease blood glucose levels, elevates hemoglobin concentration and improves lipid profile.
  • Cardiovascular health
    • Honey contains antioxidants, so its consumption is beneficial for cardiovascular health. Honey helps skin health and is anti-aging.
  • Antimicrobial properties
    • The most important property of honey is its antimicrobial properties. While honey is a purely edible substance and should be a good place for germs to grow, germs are killed by exposure to honey and their bodies are eventually destroyed. Because honey contains antibiotics and the enzyme diastase.
  • Improve sleep disorders
    • Honey is hypnotic and people with sleep disorders are advised to drink a few tablespoons of honey before going to bed.
Carton WeightPackage WeightCount Per Carton
4.8 Kg400 g12
9.6 Kg400 g24
9.6 Kg800 g12
19.6 Kg800 g24